How to get the maximum distance measurement on DWM1001-DEV

I have some DWM1001-DEV boards using the PANS firmware. I plan to develop my project with measuring about 50m open space distance between DWM1001-DEV boards. However, i tested the distance between an anchor and a tag, I got the distance less than 20m. I found that getting the long distance, I should change RF parameters in DWM1001 such as: maximum power, minimum data rate or other channels. But they are now fixed.
Could you help me how to configure the DWM1001 to get maximum distance or help me to rebuild another PANS firmware with getting maximum distance.
I’m looking for your reply.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Loi Nguyen

Hi @Loi ,

This is the exact application note you need to read that will answer to your questions:

OK, Thanks Wassim.

Loi Nguyen