How to get the distance data in raspberry pi using MDEK1001 kit

when i connect the DWM1001 to rapberry pi and test the indoor localization system it works fine.But the data that i get through from minicom is the (x,y,z) data and qf i would like to get the distance of each anchors like in using the mobile application.Can someone giude me pls.

mdek1001_system_user_manual section 8: logging data via the USB port.

POS = Position data
0 = Index corresponding to the tags being reported
1110 = Tag ID
0.52 = X
-0.35 = Y
0.31 = Z
0 = Quality factor (0 = poor accuracy)
x44 = Sample counter (Indicates how many positions have been calculated, and what is the count of the current one)

Take a look through the DWM1001-API-Guide then do your calculations.