How to get RX signal power

Hi, For the estimated receive power in dBm shown in equation,image
It mention that : the parameters are reported in the registers of DWM1000
UWB module after receiving a UWB packet.
Is anybody knows how and where i can get the UWB packet. then i can get the receive
power. I don’t work it out.
Thanks for any help.

Hey there,
To help you understand how, download the dwm1000 user manual and there is a section where you can see how to do it ( - section diagnostics). So if u already use the dwm library and building your firmware there are ways to access the registers you need. At the same that download the API document ( from dwm1000, with that you can use some functions from that library where you can get all the data you need.
I can say that there is a function that returns the data you need - dwt_readdiagnostics.


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Thanks for help. I will have a look.