How to get MAC address


How to get MAC address for system using DW1000/DWM1000?

15 years ago, i bought from IEEE a 3 bytes range to manage ethernet MAC address.
An ethernet MAC address is aa:aa:aa:nn:nn:nn (6 bytes)

  • i got a unique aa:aa:aa from IEEE
  • nn:nn:nn is managed by our manufacturing suppliers to guarantee of unique MAC address.

It seems MAC address for UWB devices is aa:aa:aa:bb:bb:nn:nn:nn (8 bytes)
Do you confirm MAC address is 8 bytes for UWB devices? only needed when implementing 802.15.4 protocol?
Can we keep the same unique aa:aa:aa (got from IEEE for ethernet MAC address) for UWB devices?
Do we have to buy or declare at IEEE we want to use the same aa:aa:aa and get a bb:bb?

Let me know if you any experience in managing MAC address for DW1000?

Thanks for your help

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DW1000/DWM1000s do not have EUI programmed. This is up to the customers to program. Yes they should get a set of addresses from IEEE.

DW1000s on TREK/EVK EVB1000s have EUI programmed by DW, as these are DW kits. Combination of partID, lotID and EVB1000 board numbers are used to give a unique address.