How to Get est XYZ value all time

We bought MDEK1001 3 set and tested for gathering the XYZ value using the comp port,
Our problem is in center of the 4 tag place some time we get the XYZ and when we move forward ,Left or backward we coudnt receive the XYZ positions.
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.05 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.73 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.35 49B3[0.00,9.00,0.00]=8.60 le_us=5828 est[-0.99,10.01,-2.52,81]
49B3[0.00,9.00,0.00]=8.74 4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.03 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.67 812E[0.00,0.00,0.00]=19.74
D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.42 0291[10.00,3.00,0.00]=16.88 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.65 4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.00
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.04 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.72 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.47
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.00 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.71 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.44 0291[10.00,3.00,0.00]=26.35
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.04 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.71 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.40
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.04 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.69 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.40
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.06 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.68 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.40
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.04 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.66 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.40
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.08 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.74 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.45
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.07 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.73 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.38
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.02 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.73 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.43
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.00 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.66 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.40
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=8.98 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.69 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.45
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=8.93 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.64 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.55 0291[10.00,3.00,0.00]=16.80
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=8.91 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.61 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.51
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=8.98 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.63 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.51
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.01 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.67 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.39
4224[0.00,6.00,0.00]=9.05 CB04[0.00,3.00,0.00]=13.72 D8A1[10.00,6.00,0.00]=13.44

How to get the XYZ values always from USB connection via serial communication,Also when we try to check it via blue tooth from android app ,its also same as we couldn’t get the position points.

You are getting measurements but it’s not able to calculate a location that makes sense for the values it’s getting.

It looks like your anchors are in a rectangle with the corners at 0,3 and 10,6 but then you are getting measurements of over 13 meters. Either your tag is well outside the box defined by the anchors or you need to check your antenna delay calibration.

Until everything is working keep the tag inside the area defined by the anchors.

Also double check that your anchor locations are correct. Either you did a remarkable job installing the anchors or you have some very approximate locations for them. Measure their actual locations and use those, if you put in inaccurate anchor locations the system has no chance of giving accurate tag locations.

Hello Andy
I place 4 anchors on the ground 100cm apart and want to estimate position of the tag using raspberry pi. Do you have any sample codes for that>

Thank you for the response ,Yes now i increase the position values and it works great thank you