How to frame the Apple NI's UWBConfigurationData field in the Accessory Configuration Data per Apple NI doc

According to Apple’s “Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification Release R2 Developer Preview” 3.4.2,
Nearby-Interaction-Accessory-Protocol-Specification-Release-R2.pdf (413.7 KB), one of the field called UWBConfigData I cannot find any specific information wrt. how to setup the message.

I looked up the DWM3000 API Guide document, there is message struct call dwt_config_t, is this the same as what Apple talks about? I tried to use this structure to compose a message, but the iOS App always rejects this message prompting this is invalid configuration.

Can someone point me to the right direction?

Unfortunately these configs (AccessoryConfigurationData/UWBConfigData and AppleShareableConfigurationData/configData) are not documented, but they definitely are not dwt_config_t.

Mostly UWBConfigData seems to be always the same, with only the last two bytes changing according to the device UWB MAC short address.

thank you! I also noticed the last 2 bytes differences.