How to flash EVB1000 board with software built from Atollic TrueStudio?

Have downloaded source code for EVK1000 board for version 3.11 and built CubeMX version code of the same in Atollic TrueSTudio. Code compilation is successful and built EVK1000_CubeMX.elf.

I need to flash this built software to one of the EVB1000 boards. How to flash this software to EVB100 board?

Is there any flashing guide document available for the same? Which explains me the Tools required for setting up to flash *.elf to EVB1000?

Please help.

Note: I have ST-LINK/V2 debugger with me.

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The Atollic IDE should allow you to also create HEX or BIN output file formats (in addition to .ELF). Check Atollic documentation on that. Once you have your HEX/Bin then you can update the EVB easily with the ST-Link. EVB has a 20-JTAG connector

Yes. I was able to generate the HEX file from Atollic Studio.

Can you please brief how to use ST link to flash EVB1000 board?

STM32 ST-LINK utility to be installed for this?

That’s described in the EVK1000 ARM source code guide section 3 called PROGRAMMING EVB1000

Thanks for the reply.

But I could able to get only PC source code user guide. Not able to get EVK1000 ARM source code guide.

Can you please attach document/paste the link for the same.

DecaRanging_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)