How to flash DWM1001C?

Hi there,

I have ordered DWM1001C few days ago. I made a custom board using the pcb files of DWM1001-DEV provided by Decawave as DWM1001-DEV is not in stock. The custom board is exactly same as the DWM1001-DEV board but it doesn’t have the on-board J-Link. I am using the external debugger availabe on nrf52840DK dev board. I know that DWM1001C is delivered blank and I have followed the Firmware User guide(section 3.3) and flashed the module with factory image(DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex) using J-Flash Lite. The LEDs on the Boards were active as mentioned in the guide.

The problem I am facing is that after flashing I am not able to use the module for further debugging. I get error that “Failed to detect target” both in J-Flash Lite and SEGGER Embedded Studio. Its the same case with every other module I tried. The flashing works for the very first time and then I am not able to connect.

I even tried the approach where we make changes to dwm-simple and create a new image file combining the softdevice,bootloader, FW1 and customised FW2 and flash with dwm1001_dwm-simple.hex

Can anyone explain why this is happening? Am I doing it the wrong way or is there any problem with the Debugger(i.e. nrf52840 DK)


Hi @akshay
check if you are not disabling the SWD debug after flashing (there is tis possibility). Also try to write some small SW like LED blinking and check if you are observe the same issue.