How to extract features from node and publish via MQTT

Hi guys, I’m able to setup simple network using 4 anchors, 1 tag and 1 gateway (all using DMW1001 and R3B for bridge node) and I could receive the position data through available topics (as in the pic).
my question is, how could I gain more features from these nodes and publish through MQTT? eg. CIR, signal power etc. because I need to use these stream data values in later stages of the project.

To extract features from a node and publish them via MQTT, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Identify the features you want to extract from the node. These could be data points or measurements that are relevant to your application.
  2. Implement a mechanism for extracting these features from the node. This could involve reading data from sensors, parsing information from messages, or performing some type of computation on the data.
  3. Set up an MQTT client on the node. This will allow the node to communicate with an MQTT broker, which is a server that acts as a central hub for publishing and subscribing to MQTT messages.
  4. Connect the MQTT client to the broker. This typically involves providing the MQTT client with the broker’s address and any necessary authentication credentials.
  5. Publish the extracted features to the MQTT broker. To do this, you will need to specify a topic for the message and include the extracted features as the payload.
  6. Set up one or more subscribers to the MQTT topic. These could be other nodes or devices that are interested in receiving the published features.
  7. Start the MQTT client and begin publishing the extracted features at regular intervals. The subscribers will receive the messages and can then process the data as needed.

It’s worth noting that MQTT is just one of many protocols that can be used for publishing and subscribing to data in a distributed system. Other options include HTTP, WebSockets, and various message queuing protocols. The choice of protocol will depend on the specific requirements of your application.

Hi @straisanee
I think that your question is related to he PANS firmware. The answer is tah with PANS you can only receive positions or you can exchange the IoT data with the TN.

There is no way how to read CIR, RSSI or other stuff.


Thanks for a quick reply @leapslabs , could you clarify a bit more about what possibly IoT data from Tag node that you mention could be. and is it possible to publish that data to be like topics as shown in the pic? if so, does Decawave provide any example package to do that? because I’ve tried looking for so many packages mentioned in user guide ie. but I couldn’t find one

Hi @straisanee
You can just send few bytes instead of Location data (this mean that you can get a TN position OR IoT data, but not booth of them).

In the MDEK packages is some sample code (made by Qorvo)
Check this: DWM1001\Source_Code\DWM1001_on_board_package\\dwm\examples\dwm-range-iot\


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