How to download Qorvo NI demo app to test DWM 3000 EVB with iPhone11

I upgrade the iphone11 with IOS15 beta 6 (current beta ) , i am trying to download or get Qorvo NI demo app but i could not find it :worried: :cry:, where or how to get it ? regarding to the attach photo

please let me know , DECAWAVE support team :worried: :pleading_face:

i already read all “DW3000 Nearby Interaction QSG” from download software , check out!! , there are two apps :v:, one i can download the code from Apple Developer Documentation
in the Apple NI documentation , YES , I DID :wink: , i found it and test the app , in the “DW3000 Nearby Interaction QSG”
but that first app , i mention , it will not be able to displayed the angle and Qorvo logo on the top , and black default background color and is not same as the second app ,


regarding to the photo above ,you can see the black color and white color from 2 apps, both apps are different !! :wink: , i got the black color of background app from “DW3000 Nearby Interaction QSG” , :wink: but for the white color of background app as photo above , i could not find it !!! :thinking: that why i ask Decawave , Qorvo, the second app in the blue highlight ,that i could not find it in the App store as the mention , is the Qorvo NI demo in the previous photo , regarding to the photo above, how you get it ? :thinking:

i also could not find the blue highlight —> Qorvo Nearby Interaction Demo Video in the “DW3000 Nearby Interaction QSG” where is it ?

Please let me know , maybe i am dumb :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :pleading_face:

Hi Matthew,

I replied in another thread, but just in case you missed it:

in the downloaded pack Qorvo has Sources/iOS folder, and inside it has a “patch” file to apply to the stock Apple NI project and README.MD which describes how-to apply that patch.

Then you just re-build that project in XCode and can deploy to your test iPhone…


I am still getting stuck or still can not :disappointed_relieved: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ,but thanks for your response ; :slightly_smiling_face: after download stock Apple NI application from the developer web-site as i did it before as the photoNI blow ,

then i already run the app as the black color background as photo below

but i am getting stuck in this in order to test the white color background app as photo below

,regarding to iOS folder as README.MD as photo below in blue highlight

i am trying to do in the folder ,that download it from APPLE as photoNI above ,so in my terminal of my macbook —> git apply --reject --whitespace=fix Qorvo_NI_3D_patch.diff , i try without back tick AND with back tick git apply --reject --whitespace=fix Qorvo_NI_3D_patch.diff in terminal
HOWEVER , i am getting stuck :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :disappointed_relieved:, terminal response is → error: can’t open patch as —> photo below

so how to apply or open the Qorvo_NI_3D_patch.diff as photo below ?? :thinking:

PLEASE LET ME KNOW :pleading_face:

Thanks ; i got it the Qorvo NI demo app :hugs: :ok_man: :v:

Cheers :ok_man:, Matthew Gohen

Congratulations, how did you do it,can U tell me? thanks!

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maybe Fluke :raising_hand_man: :sweat_smile: I WILL GUIDE YOU :ok_man: :v:, THIS MOMENT , YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE QR CODE , BECAUSE IT IS THE QORVO WEBSITE, not the Qorvo NI demo app :sweat_smile: , so regarding to your thread :face_with_monocle: ,you already got the Qorvo software download :+1:, you need to read it carefully :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: , because i do not know where is the point , you got stuck !! :thinking: however ,regarding to your thread , you already got the black color background app :ok_man: , so you must see the Qorvo_NI_3D_patch.diff , as my photo(patch) below , then on the right side , there is README.MD , just follow that instruction, photo below , then you will get it

i hope you will get it !!! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :+1: :ok_man:

Hi Matthew,

May I know what the command you follow in the terminal?

I copy the patch to the same level as a root folder of the original application
and then the error message is .DS_store patch does not apply

how to apply or open the patch.diff ?
Am I missing any steps or files?

Thanks a lot.

hello ;
have u already done it ?:slight_smile:

Seems there is a app called “Qorvo Nearby Interaction” you can download from the App Store, is this one essentially the same? Does anyone knows where I can find the demo code running on UWB development kit which works with above app?

Hi @Kai17 ,

You can find the demo code here:

Thanks, for some reason I was not allowed to download according to “my email domain”!!!

Did anyone try this demo on iPhone14? I tried it on iPhone12 it works but not on iPhone14. Does any one know what has changed?

.DS_store patch does not apply
Have you solved it?

Hi @petersun ,

I’ve replied in another thread.