How to do a subcircuit and a symbol referring to Ø-Device

I am trying to create a subcircuit for a library based on a Ø-Device and C++ code.
So far I have done this declaration for the sub circuit :
.subckt deadtimeC IN OUT
Ø1 «IN´b» «OUT´b» «» deatimegeneratorC float TDELAY_RE float TDELAY_FE VHIGH REF
.ends deadtimeC
But when I paste it on the symbol editor the attributes are not well defined :

Therefore it doesn’t work in a schematic.
Does someone knows how to do it ?

Your dead time/delay function works only for digital signals or can delay arbitrary waveform sources?

Have you figured out how to wrap a code block into symbol? If not I will write an example. It could be helpful for other people too.

Thanks for your answer, my deadtime function only works for digital signals since it searches for rising and falling edges.
The problem was due to an update of Qspice I think because as seen in the screenshot the symbol editors properties had disappeared, but now it is working again.
To help some people here is what I have done for the subcircuit :
.subckt deadtimeC IN OUT
Ø1 «IN´b» «OUT´b» «» deatimegeneratorc float TDELAY_RE=RisingEdge_delay float TDELAY_FE=FallingEdge_delay VHIGH=Vlogic REF=Vlogic/2
.ends deadtimeC
Don’t forget to mention the definition of the variables TDELAY_RE and TDELAY_FE on the symbol editor, as I have learned thanks to this forum.

The Vlogic don’t need to be defined since it is a device parameter not a variable.
I think that to wrap a code block into symbol we just need to copy and paste the code onto the symbol editor.