How to control DWM1000 to build a ranging/communication system

Hi, There,
I want to use DWM1000 to build a ranging system. I want to use some microcontroller to control it for ranging purpose. But I am not able to find documents on how to operate the module. I may need some document describing internal memeory and registers that controlls the communicaiton process, such as a table describing the function and address of each internal register, as well as the flow to control the internal registers for properly send and receive data, measuring distance, etc.

Will you please help

Hi duyongjiu,

The DWM1000 is driven from a SPI bus.
You’ll find any information about the module on the module page of the Decawave website.
For further details, you will have to dig into the embedded DW1000 chipset documentation. There is the datasheet, but all the useful information you are speaking about is available in the User Manual. These documents are available on the Decawave DW1000 webiste page.
Here is the link to the User Manual.

Side note, there is also sample code available here:
This helped me a lot in my own development process.

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