How to config Google hub (Nest) with DWM1001 Anchor & Tag


I like to setup a demo where when I come home then Google Hub (NEST) will sense/recognize that I am within 3 meters and will turn on few devices which are connected to Hub.

The way I have envisioned the design of demo setup is that I will connect a DWM1001 board configured as “Anchor” through BLE to Google Hub (NEST). I will configure an additional DWM1001 as “Tag”. I am not clear is that once “Tag” reaches 3 meters of “Anchor” then how “Anchor” will interface with Google Hub (NEST) to turn on devices? will apps like “decawave drtls manager” android version helpful? any suggestion/guidance? Thanks.

Hi sfkhan,

The anchors are not aware of the tag position. The tag has to directly interface with your google nest device.

In ble mode, the tag broadcasts its position though BLE, so if the Google nest is listening to the ble ranging characteristic from the tag, it should be able to sense when the range is less than 3 meters.

Hope it helps,