How to compile and flash from command line

Hello Everyone,

I know how to compile and flash program to MDEK 1001devices using SES but I just don’t know how to compile and flash to MDEK 1001 devices from the command line (I am using macOS). The device is connected to my MAcBookPro through USB cable. Any kind of help is much appreciated.


Please, provide your valuable suggestions regarding this issue…

@Yves_Bernard : Could you guys help me with the issue of how to flash my application program(using SES, I have .hex/.elf of my program) to the MDEK 1001 device from command line?

I can suggest you use openocd.
I honestly don’t use MacOs, but I have successfully used openocd on linux and windows.

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Hi, I have already solved the problem, thanks for your suggestion though…

Hi, @auvi would you mind sharing the approach you took to control from the command line in MacOS? I would very much appreciate it!

Hector Murguia