How to calculate the transmission time of a packet

I want to calculate the transmission time of a packet. This transmission time depends on preamble, SFD, PHR and data transmission. According to the document, the length of preamble, SFD are represented as symbols. What is the transmission time of each of this symbol? I am considering 6.8 Mbps data rate, PRF 64 MHz, preamble length 128 symbols, SFD length 8 symbols, PHR 21 bits (mentioned in the document) and data is 20 bytes. As some of terms are represented as bits and others as symbols so what is the relation between symbol and bit? Finally, how to calculate the transmission time of a packet?


The simple solution is to use the spreadsheet linked to here:

which will calculate the packet transmission time for any given configuration.

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Thanks a lot. In the spreadsheet, the duration of SFD length and PHR are not mentioned. Also, in section 5.1.4 of dw1000-datasheet, the symbol duration of SHR, PHR and data are given which are different than spreadsheet (although no channel is given). Why there are differences?