How to calculate Quality Factor?

I got the estimated position of the tag by fixing the 3 anchors. The estimated position of the tag consists of [ x , y , z , quality factor]. How they have calculated the quality factor value for this particular tag’s position?

For example: est[-0.80 , 0.65 , -1.19 , 81] - This is my tested position of the tag. Here, the value “81” represents “Quality Factor”. I need to know how it was obtained? Kindly, give me the mathematical calculation of the Quality factor.

Hi Jey,

The quality factor is indicative only, we 've discussed in the past how it is calculated on the forum (maybe have a look in the post history), but I don’t think we can provide the exact formula.

I’ll try to dig it when I have a chance.


Thank you sir for your response.

As you said, “We 've discussed in the past how it is calculated”. Can you please give me the calculation or link. Since, I’m unable to find answer in the form. Kindly do the needful sir.