How to build DWM3000EVB API examples in NRF52840DK

We work with DWM3000evb and nRF52840DK board.We followed “Guide_for_example_build” file to run the example codes,and we connect the board with PC using a USB.But we don’t know how to configure the openocd configuration options.We don’t find nrf52.cfg in system workbench project,and don’t know how to select the debug interface.
And when I use “jlink.cfg”,it has the following errors :
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-00021-g524e8c8 (2019-04-12-08:48)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
Error: The specified debug interface was not found (jlink)
The following debug interfaces are available:
1: ftdi
2: usb_blaster
3: vsllink
4: ulink
5: hla
6: osbdm
7: opendous
8: aice
9: cmsis-dap
10: kitprog

So I should how to build the examples ,and configure the openocd debug configurations .Thanks for helping.


If you’re using nRF52840DK target, you may need to use segger embedded studio as IDE.

Yes, I have downloaded successful by using segger embedded studio.
It showed that :
Downloading ‘dw3000_api.elf’ to J-Link
Programming 0.5 KB of .vectors addresses 00000000 — 000001ff
Programming 19.0 KB of addresses 00012000 — 00016c1d
Programming 0.0 KB of addresses 00016c20 — 00016c27
J-Link: Flash download: Bank 0 @ 0x00000000: Skipped. Contents already match
Download successful

But in system workbench ,I don’t know how to configure the debug configuration options.

Nordic target will only work on SES IDE. It will not work in system workbench to my knowledge.

Yes,I konw that.But DWM3000 API examples work on AC6 tools system workbench, so I have to use it to run examples, after running nRF52840DK in segger embedded studio.

When working with nRF52840DK, at any point you need AC6 tools system workbench.
In example_selection.h, you need just to uncomment the example you need to run and it should work.

Thanks for your answer. But I now don’t know how to configure debug cconfiguration options. In other words, I haven’t built an environment for the program. For openocd debugger, how to configure the .cfg file is now the difficulty I meet. I don’t find nrf52.cfg in system workbench project,and don’t know how to select the debug interface.
My mean is how to configure the following :

Are you trying to debug Nordic or STM target?