How many DWM1001-dev anchor can be set and used?

I want to install an anchor that tracks the location of a tag over a large area.

  1. Can I cover a large area if I have so many anchors?
  2. Is the installation distance of anchors appropriate in meters?
  3. I know that the anchor and the tag communicate with each other uwb, and the tag and the smartphone use Bluetooth communication. Are there any other wireless communication methods?

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thanks for the awesome information.

Hi @kit
see my answers below:

ad 1) there is virtually no limits for anchor count. You dont need to take care up to 32 anchors. If you need more than 32 then you need to take care about clusters (see the documentation). Long story in short t is that there are 32 seats for anchors and those seats can be reassigned if the seat is not used by any surrounding anchors and surrounding anchors don’t see anybody with the sat number. IE one anchor cannot see the same seat assigned to two anchors. With this workflow the network can expand very easily. For well designed networks this is no problem a you can have hundredths of anchors in one network.

ad 2) Is it in meters

ad 3) Yes, you can use UWB bridges to collect TN positions. Plase see the MDEK1001_System_User_Manual chaper 5.5 8 Anchors + 2 Tags + 2 gateways


thanks for the awesome information.