How do you show the circle that marks the current input when using K mutual inductance?

It’s a small detail, but in the schematic editor compared to LTSpice I couldn’t make the current input marker appear for two or three inductors. Is there a way of making these markers appear?
Windows 11 +


Is there any way to change the symbol of the component already added in the circuit, or just deleting the current one and putting another one? Thanks.

I would like it better to have an option in the “symbol properties” box so that the symbol can be changed (among the symbols compatible with the component type). It could show the same options that the user has when he repeatedly clicks the hotkey. So it is not necessary to change the netlist in a text editor.

By the way, I think it would be more useful than changing the “Symbol Type”, which is possible now.

Thanks to KSKELVIN I finally have an answer: press L 2 times in a row Thank you KSKELVIN!