How do I directly read and write STS and preamble ID when I read and send frames/packets


I am doing a testing for UWB devices using dws3000 with nordic board.

For now I can received 5 frames in each period: frame 0: 46 bytes, frame1: (cannot identified) , frame2: (cannot identified), frame3: (cannot identified), frame4: 79 bytes.

The method I used to read the length of frame is: frame_len = dwt_read32bitreg(RX_FINFO_ID) & RX_FINFO_RXFLEN_BIT_MASK;

Is anyone know whther this length include the Preamble+SFD+data Payload+STS or is only the data payload length?

If it only includes data payload, is the APIs provide any methods for read and write the preamble, SFD, STS directly?

Many thanks