How do DW1000 enter SLEEP or DEEPSLEEP, respectively?

How do DW1000 enter SLEEP or DEEPSLEEP states, respectively?When the function dwt_entersleep() is called, I don’t know what state the DW1000 has entered?
Please help!


After dwt_entersleep() the device is in DEEPSLEEP, the lowest power state of the device.

In this state it is not possible to communicate with the DW1000 via SPI, you must wake up the device first, and wait for it to be in IDLE mode.

See DEEPSLEEP description and section 2.4.1 SLEEP and DEEPSLEEP in the User manual.

I also suggest you have a look at our example API (sections 5.40 & 5.41). This document and the associated code has examples on configuring the sleep conditions before using dwt_entersleep().

Also look for any other answers in the forum on sleep/deepsleep.

LDW1000_Software_API_Guide_rev2p7.pdf (1.5 MB)