How can i use MDEK1001 boards

I’ve just acquired 10 DWM1001-DEV boards, but when i configure it follow the document <mdek1001_system_user_manual.pdf>

  1. android APK DRLS cannot discovery nothing.
  2. use usb cable to PC, PC found and the MDEK1001 LED D20 Keep normally on. but in serial-console, we expect prompt info, but actually there nothing to display.

but i have 4 same boards one years ago, they worked well.

then, how can i do next? please help me.

Hi @iibull,

Do you insall the APK from google store of from the APK provided by decawave here :

If the module are in PANS R2 and if you use the old APK from the google store you will not be able to see the module.

One thing you can do it’s to update the module in PANS R2 to be sure to work with the last firmware.Check the DWM1001 Firmware User Guide and go to section 3.3 and follow the instructions.

Hope that can help you

i found the APK, and all is Ok, thanks