How can I use 1 anchor + 1 tag + 1 listener mode?

I have been trying out 1 anchor + 1 tag mode. While I am able to read the tag’s location over UART shell (les, lec commands), I am unable to read the tag’s location when using a separate listener connected on UART shell (i.e. 1 anchor + 1 tag + 1 listener mode). I need this because, for my proximity sensing application, the tag needs to be on a moving asset, and cannot be connected directly to a reader. Any suggestions?

hello abhikbanerjee,
if it is, as you describe, just 1 to 1, easiest solution could be to switch anchor and tag, and read out the distance with les or lec over uart from the now stationary tag … but maybe i misunderstand your setup - then nevermind :slight_smile:

Hello horst,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, that is an option and I have tried that. But running the anchor on battery will consume more power. Because of this, we felt that the 1 + 1 + 1 option could be better.

hello abhikbanerjee,

I see.
as far as I understand the listener reads the uwb-traffic, and the position and location-data is usualy not sent. you could write the distance in the iot-message and read that with a bridge/gateway (or listener), but to do that the firmware needs to be adapted, and there will be a latency of 100ms.