How can I program to achieve the pdoa measurement

Hello everyone, I want to ask about Pdoa. How is pdoa extracted from IEEE 802.15.4a
UWB PHY frame?How can we get FP angles of A and B?How can we get synchronization frame delimiter (SFD) angles of A and B

How can I program them?thanks.

What do you want to program?

Purchase the “Beta PDoA kit”, which has both HW, SW and Docs. It does PDoA on 802.15.4a frames using 2 synced DW1000 receivers. This can be your starting point.

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thank you very much.I what to write the c code (for stm32) to drive my device measuring angle.
sadly, I’m in china that i can’t buy a kit.would you like to share your PDOA SW and Docs with me?
thanks very much!
my email

I believe Decawave has office in China and even website has a Chinese language…