How can I connect with one DWS3000 at the same time by two iPhones

Hello Everyone!
I hava a questions to ask, Now I have one DWS3000 device,I can connect with it by my iphone12, I have bought another iPhone,I want to connect with the DWS3000 at the same time by two iPhones to measure distance, How can I to do that, one iPhone can connect with the device to measure distance ,that is ok . thank you very much.

Hi Adam!

Can you give more details about the apps you are running on both UWB Dev Kit and the iOS device?

Assuming you are using Apple Nearby Interaction, on the UWB software side you should keep BLE advertising and handle the messages from the second iPhone after the first iPhone starts ranging.

Hi Carlos.silva !
Thanks for your answer
I want to use two iphones to connect to DWS3000 devices at the same time via Bluetooth,
But If I connect the device(DWS3000) with an iPhone,the other one can’t connect ,How to connect and measure at the same time with two iPhones。Thank you very much! please see the picture below。

HELLO :slightly_smiling_face:

did you get any updated information / answer about your question ? i just want to know how to do it ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: do you have its code’s example ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hi Adam!

Yes, I got it! What software are you using on the DWS3000 side and on the iPhone side?