How best to power the DWM1001C and an ESP32 using one battery?

Hi everyone,

Please could someone give me some advice on the best way to connect a rechargeable battery to a DWM1001C dev board and also an ESP32 in the same enclosure?

I’m quite a novice to electronics and am just finding my way around, but if someone could give me some pointers to run with please?

The scenario is I will be using a DWM1001C as a tag together with an ESP32 doing something completely different, but they will be in the same enclosure, and I will need to power then both with a single battery power source.

I have purchased some batteries as recommended for use with the DWM1001 Development Kit, but I want to know if I could use the same battery to connect to the ESP32 as well, or if someone has a better solution?

Many Thanks.