Hope to get some help on DWM1001

 Hi, everyone. Recently I have just started to work on UWB indoor positioning. I need a set of equipment to build a real-time positioning system to know the position information of labels (2D or 3D). Currently, the device is known as the MDEK1001, but it is not certain. I have some questions for you to ask. 1. The development board in MDEK1001 is DWM1001, can I re-write the underlying code of the built-in program in this development board? Because I need to change the algorithm to do what I want. This development board can modify the built-in program to the algorithm level. 2. What is the difference between DWM1001 and DWM1001-DEV? Can I directly build the system I need with DWM1001? 3. Is the Raspberry Pi mentioned in the official website only used to provide return messages or build gateways? Is it OK if I use Bluetooth to send messages directly? Because just started to learn, the basic knowledge of the relatively little, if you can give me help, I will be very grateful! Thank you very much! Hope to communicate with friends who have the same purpose or work!

I wish good!

Hi @Andrew_Gao
see me answers below:

  1. It depends on your needs, it is possible to collect measured distances and calculate the position with your position estimator in the user application space. But the PANS binary is provided as close source so you cant rewrite any part of it.

  2. DWM1001 is a plain module. DWM10001-DEV is DWM1001 soldered on to the development board.

  3. I’m not sure if follow your question. The RPi allows you to collect distance/ send&receive IoT messages and do some configuration via MQTT or integrated web server. Via Bluetooth you can observe the location and change the node configuration.


Thank you very much for your reply, which is of great help to me. I have tried to write PAN 2.0 to dwm1001-dev, and it successfully shows the RTLS I want to build. My problem now is that I don’t know the underlying code on the DWM1001-dev board, and whether or to what extent I can change the code in it. (The code I’m talking about is the algorithm used to calculate location). If I can’t change the program in it about the tag board location algorithm, then I won’t be able to use it for my research.