HIP4081A results in Fatal error: No analysis command found

Hello QSPICE community,

I am trying to simulate a driver circuit with the H81L1 model of the HIP4081 driver.
This worked fine in LTSpice but in QSPICE I get the error message “Fatal error: No analysis command found. You need to add a SPICE directive such as “.tran 5m”, which will simulate five milliseconds of data.”

The .tran command is placed and the simulation runs fine if the driver is not stuffed.

What could cause this issue?

Thanks in advance.

H81L1.txt (7.7 KB)
LIMS_MOTOR_FULL_BRIDGE_Commercial-Components.qsch (61.9 KB)

The reason you got “Fatal error: No analysis command found.” is because your H81L1.txt included .END
You copied this line and create the symbol for H81L1, and therefore, if you goto View > Netlist, you already ended netlist before it run with .tran



You have a quick way to resolve that, use a text editor to open .qsch, and search this line and delete \n.END .


But this simulation still run into Timestep too small error, and you can remove uic from .tran 20m uic .

Now, simulation can run, but I cannot see switching waveform. Let leave it here for you to review the rest.

This is the modification based on what I mention above.
LIMS_MOTOR_FULL_BRIDGE_Commercial-Components_modify.qsch (61.9 KB)

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Thank you for the fast reply.
This makes sense, I did not see this error when creating the simulation.


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