Hi, i want to interface DWM1000 module with FPGA

I am not getting how to use terminal and flow of program

That is a very general question. You need to be more specific.

The interface to the DWM1000 is as an SPI slave, it requires an SPI master to configure and drive it. While you could in theory implement that in an FPGA it is more suited to a processor of some sort.

I am doing following steps in vitis hls

  1. writing code for interfacing of dwm 1000 module with fpga-
    a) initialise- dwt_initialise()
    b) read device id- dwt_readdevid()
    c) writing to spi- dwtwritespi()
    d) read from spi- dwtreadspi()

I am generating IP and using IP in vivado IDE.
I want to display output in serial terminal. I am not getting, how to do it?
There is no sample code available explaining interfacing of DWM1000 module with FPGA