Help with Type2AB Murata Chip


I’m a student who is currently engaged in a project utilizing UWB technology for precise distance measurement and positioning in IoT applications. I have recently purchased 4 Type2AB modules from Murata Electronic and am seeking software support and detailed documentation for my application development.

I am particularly interested in utilizing UWB for two-way ranging distance measurement features, but I am encountering difficulties in finding a suitable SDK and example applications that could offer a clearer understanding of how to integrate and effectively use the Type2AB modules in my project.

Here are the specific requests for which I would appreciate support from the community and Qorvo’s technical support team:

  1. The SDK for Murata’s Type2AB module, including all necessary libraries and APIs for application development.
  2. Sample applications or detailed guides on using UWB for distance measurement using two-way ranging or any other methods, tailored for the Type2AB modules.

Any assistance, including tips, documentation, or experiences shared by other users who have worked with these modules for similar applications, would be immensely valuable.

Thank you for your time and support.

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Please register for “my Murata” found at the bottom of this page: Type 2AB | UWB Modules | Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to get access to the SDK from Murata to use with this evaluation board.

I’ve already done that, but I dont know how to find the serial number on the module, I’ve bought 4 module Type2AB from Mouser sir. Can you help me with the file or the serial number, or where can I find thte serial number. on the module Type2AB there is a number SS3221*** and a QR code but I can do anything with it.

Did you purchase the Type 2AB modules individually or an evaluation board?

I would recommend contacting Murata as we cannot supply this SDK directly for their module: Contact Form | Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

I bought 4 pcs Type 2AB modules individually sir. I have, but the Murata Vietnam cant help anything…Do you have that file sir. Help me