Help with distance and speed calculation & BLE connectivity

Hi Team,
We have the MDEK1001 kit and want to build an indoor positioning system, tracking shopping carts in a retail store. This is a PoC so we are building something fast to test the hypothesis.

We need help us with the following doubts -

Distance Travelled
We want to calculate the distance travelled by a cart in a day, is there a out of the box library that helps us do that?

Is there a library for calculating speed of the tag? then deduce average speed in a day , month … etc…

We tried connecting the device via BLE using raspberry Pi as gateway. I’m able to read location of tag. The tag is operating in location data mode 2. The documentation says in this mode, if position is not available, it will only send distance. How would I know whether its distance or distance+location my pi?

As a Gateway
We have configured DWM 1001 as a tag and an anchor, and raspberry pi as gateway. What will be a better way, given that we want to accomplish the following task:

  1. We want to transmit real time data to AWS cloud
  2. We don’t want to use the android app

WebApp instead of Android app
Instead of the android app, do you also have a web app that can be used to get tag location and push it to the cloud?

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Hello Siddarth,

Please see below for some answers :

  1. Library for speed and distance :
    We currently provide only the position out of our APIs so if you wish to get the distance or the speed you will have to develop a custom library.

  2. I guess you are referring to the BLE api documentation. You should get a distance if you have 3 or 4 ranges. In order if there is a distance you can parse the result.

  3. The gateway feature using the raspberry pie will be implemented in the release 2 of the software. There will be interface with a MQTT broker to ease the connection to the cloud. This release should be delivered in the coming month.

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