Help Using PWM on DWM1001

Hi All,

Can someone help me get started with using the PWM output on the DWM1001? I know it’s possible, but I am having a hard time getting started.

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Hi gepelon,

Have you looked at the nrf SDK example for PWM ? It should give you a good idea of of to perform it.

Let me know how it goes

Hi Yves,

I too am having trouble with pwm examples. I can get ss_twr_init and ss_twr_resp to work in Keil uVision, but I can’t get the examples from Nordic Semiconductor’s website to load properly. I’m using nRF SDK 14.2 and opened the pwm_driver_pca10040.uvprojx downloaded straight from their website. I’ve tried pca10056 as well. Online forum answers haven’t been much use so far. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello Cormac, did you find a solution for that? I am really interested on the topic. I am trying to use pwm library but no luck so far…