Help purchasing right things

I need a piece of advice on the beacon purchase.
I’m a student starting to work on my bachelor.
An idea is to make a mobile AR app that would pinpoint the location of devices to a matter of a few tens of centimeters
You would stick a beacon in the form of a sticker or a keychain to some of your belongings that you wouldn’t like to lose (but maybe lose on a daily basis like keys or phone or anything else).
When you want to find some of those beacons, you would open the app and choose the thing you’re trying to find and the app would direct you to the item.
What are the best beacons to buy for this kind of use-case?
When answering, consider that this is meant for apartments (or houses) that have several rooms and you have to find the device in any of the rooms.

Hi Nikola

This sounds like an interesting project.

Note that UWB doesn’t really use the same technique as e.g BLE beacons and thus uses different nomenclature for devices you want to locate, typically these are called tags.

Also note that in order for an UWB RTLS system to know the “absolute” position of a tag, the rooms need to be equipped with UWB anchors. These anchors typically need to have a fixed, known position which allows the tag to calculate it’s position relative to the anchors. See APS003: DW1000 RTLS Introduction for more information. Our MDEK1001 kit is an example of such a system and it’s currently the easiest way to get started with UWB RTLS systems.

For a home scenario these anchors I understand setting up anchors is a bit much. Alternatively you could look into PDoA (Phase Difference of Arrival). This uses 2 (or more) antennas on the “receiver”, allowing to figure out the angle and distance of the tag. This could be more interesting, but it is currently a lot more difficult to set up, since we don’t publicly offer any solutions for this yet. Also note that getting this to work without line of sight will be tricky at best.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m just starting to explore all the possibilities and all technologies that are used for IPS, so please pardon me if I get some things wrong. :slight_smile:

The question was a almost full copy-paste from Estimote forum where I also posted.

I started looking into Bluetooth 5.1 as a possible technology that I may use.

Do you have anything to advise on that?