Help please! Choice of modules

Hello everyone,

Please I need a few answers to make sure that I buy the correct items for my project.

My question in this:
1- Is it possible to make an indoor positioning system using DWM1001c as anchors and DWM1004c as a tag? would it be possible to determine (x,y) coordinate of a tag in this case?
2- What type of development board should I use to manipulate those modules ? Do I need a specific one ?
3- What kind of tool should I use to create 3D map for an indoor space?

Thank you all so much for your help.

Hi, everything is possible, but the question is are you looking for ready free software ? Because I’m not aware that exist. Also another question do you target two way ranging ? Or time difference of arrival ? That’s what the tag was designed for which reduces battery size.
Regarding your 3d map question, I provided a free open source framework based on three.js blender and Mqtt

, but it’s a work in progress.
It might be easier if you explain your use case, are you creating a commercial application or just working on a school project, cause the answer depend on the planned time and effort investment.

DWM1001 dev kit is a good way to start as you get ready binary apps and sample code to play around and understand the basic concepts, once you do that, you can decide better yourself what your next stage should be. DWM1004C needs a custom design pcb while the transceiver used is the same DW1000 as in the DWM1001 dev kits.


Hi @AkioR
there is a PANS firmware for the DWM1001C modules which you can use for RTLS evaluating. The best entry point is to buy a MDEK1001 dev kit and start playing with it - .

Regrading your questions:

  1. The DWM1001C and DWM1004C share the same radio but they don’t have the same MCU onboard. So PANS will not run on the DWM1004C - you need to write your own code here.

  2. Start with MDEK1001

  3. For the MDEK1001 is available a full SW package including the UWB-ETH gateway (via RPI) and it includes a MQTT broker + basic web server. Check the MDEK1001 documentation.


@leapslabs thank you for your response
yeah I used MDEK1001 kit as a start point but I need to build my own solution
1- for dwm1001, is it possible to change PANs firmware ?
2- would it be hard for a beginner with decawaves modules to write his own code ?
3- how about connecting dwm1001c to external mcu without using mdek ?

Hi @AkioR,

  1. PANS is close source so you cannot change it.

  2. It’s a complex question and it depends on what system you want to create. From the chip to the functioning RTLS system that is easy to use is a long path and requires a lot of investment. From the functioning RTLS system to a product is even longer. So I would suggest you reconsider first if building your own system is really needed.

  3. If PANS can offer what you need then this would be the most viable option. Just build a board with DWM1001C and a host MCU and focus on the app and avoid focusing on the UWB if not absolutely necessary. The development costs of buidling a new system would be too high if you wont have volumes. See the PANS docs to start.