Help me understand this behavior


I performed multiple setups with 4 anchors and 6 anchors system but have the same results. Please help me understand the following. If I put the tag on my chest and walk in the area (40m x 40m) I get missing data and with high variations in the path, but If I hold the tag 4-5 inches away from my chest I get perfect results and too many position-points- WHY?. Do you think it is because the body absorbs the signal OR when I move tag further it is able to maintain a line of sight with anchors efficiently?

This is related to LOS (Line of Sight) and Non LOS.
Some reading on the topic…Have a look here - The APS0006 Series talks about this.

I was able to understand 10-15% of the content ::). I cannot understand that this is not 100% NLOS case as tag can always see at least one anchor. What happens if I install 16 anchors in 40m x 40 meter area such that at any time, at any angle each tag sees at least three anchors. Would it overcome the behavior?

TISSUES DUE TO UWB ANTENNAS” you find a paper from M. Klemm and G. Troester.

It basically says (at least, that’s what i conclude from it) that if the antenna is very close to the body more of the signal is absorbed by the body and thus your signal strength degrades