Help getting Started with NRF C code

I’m looking for some help getting started writing C code app for DWM1001 (I have the dev kit to start with).
What I want to do is determine location and then send a command with the information out the SPI port to a radio module (and not use Bluetooth).

Also, relating to hardware, do I use a debugger like ST-Link and attach to the 6-pin pads (is there pin out for the debug pins? I referred to schematic but just labels them as TP’s but cannot see which pins each function is assigned. Thanks

I cannot see how to edit my post, so I had to reply to myself.
After downloading the software for DWM1001 I think I better understand. I could use the dev kit for initial prototyping and then make my own board later.
Is my understanding correct that the STM32 is just acting as the programmer, debugger via USB and the SWD interface is just for reprogramming the STM if required. And, I access uart and spi via the Rpi pins.
When I have my own layout later, I can use a debugger like Segger J-Link and SWD interface directly on the DWM1001 device?