Having trouble in simulating 3rd party subcircuit models for Power MOSFETs

Hi, I am trying to use subcircuits models in Qspice which runs for my simulator. But i am not able to see current and power waveforms for my model when implementing it for any kind of converter.
For reference I have uploaded the image.

On 2/7/24 I sent this question to Mike Engelhardt:
“Do you plan to (or have a schedule for) implementing the LTspice alt-left-click method to display power dissipation in a subcircuit? . . .”
His same-day response was:
" . . . I’m not planning on adding that feature in the immediate future. The problem is that LTspice never actually did it right and don’t want to implement it until I can implement correctly."

I hope he implements it soon since I use this feature often.

To see the power display in the waveform viewer, you need to add the directive “.options savepowers=1” to your schematic. After running the simulation, you can see the power in a component by holding down the Ctrl key while hovering over components (but not subcircuits). Use the Ctrl-Left-Mouse to add the power to the waveform viewer.

If you need to see the power in a subcircuit, you can add a 0VDC source in series with the subcircuit, and then add a waveform of that current (from the 0VDC source) times the voltage across the subcircuit.

Please let me know if I have misinterpreted your question and I’ll try again.


Thank you Carl, for your reply. It worked in Qspice as you suggested. But it would be great if there would an optimum solution for checking power in the circuit. I believe Mike would definitely bring the solution for it.

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