HAL_Log - no output to console

I’m trying the host examples from the latest SDK (v9), and it seems that HAL_Log is not sending any output to the console. In v8 of the SDK, the debug messages were displayed on the console. Using printf works just fine.

Is there any reason this isn’t the default behaviour for v9? How can I change it?

Yes, I have HAL_LOG_ENABLED = 1 in Makefile.

Thanks for any help.

Not sure where this is in the documentation, but it seems that there are some changes between HAL_Print and HAL_Log.

The examples in V9 SDK won’t work the HAL_Print unless you add the following to the dwm1001.mak file or somewhere else in the make script.


Then you’ll need to actually set the PRINT_LVL value in the Makefile. Why this isn’t already in the examples is puzzling. It was there in V8.

Also, it seems like HAL_Print and HAL_Log have been separated in their functionality with V9.

I would suggest to use HAL_Print with PRINT_LVL of either 1 (Log file), 2 (Console only), or 3 (Both).