Guidelines for Anchor Setup

I am interested in information on how to set anchors. Guidelines tell how to set up a big area network but I am interested in putting multiple anchors in 40x40 meter area to ensure the tag always has a line of sight with least 3 tags.

My existing attempts to install 6 anchors in anti-clockwise fashion has given me worse results when compared with 4 anchor setup.

So the question is How do you install 8-10 anchors in small place and configure them?

One thing you did not mention was the height you positioned your anchors at. Maybe 2m to 2.5m is good, depends on the ceiling height of course
Are you using the App for this? I suggest you measure and place the anchors manually instead for best results.
Maybe you can share a drawing of your setup?

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I do not consider hight in the setup however they are usually set at 1.6 meters because I believed XZ plane had best uniform coverage and to get max covering Tags and anchors to need to be on the same level, am I wrong?

I am trying to set it up in tennis play area and there is no roof the anchors are set on tripods.

Yes, I use the app for position calculation and i believe it works well at detecting the distances.

Setup is just simple rectangle with anchors arranged anticlockwise from the initiator

Any guidelines for setting up more anchors in a small area?

I want to track 35m x 25m such that at any time a tag sees at least three anchors for accurate positioning.