GPIO3 pin on DWM1001

So, I mistakenly wired my PCB to pin 30 (GPIO3) to use as a power led indicator (active low).
Unfortunately, I realized with the PCB in hand that GPIO3 is not in the list of available pins to control through PANS.
What I find surprising is, GPIO2 and GPIO3 in the DWM1001-DEV schematics are wired to 2 leds…

So, a few questions:

  • can I toggle GPIO3 manually? (dwm_gpio_cfg_output(3,0) didn’t seem to work)
  • can I somehow lower it if not using the UART feature?
  • why is GPIO2 controllable through the API, but GPIO3 is not?
  • why even list GPIO3 on the DWM1001 schematics if it’s not intended to be used?


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Did you found anything about this? We used the GPIO3 and GPIO2 as uart pins of a gnss module and I can’t get anything.