Got .stack process too large to fit in RAM

Work on demo version of Qorvo nearby Interaction firmware.

. = ASSERT(stack_process_start == stack_process_end || (stack_process_end - RAM_segment_start) <= RAM_segment_size , “error: .stack_process is too large to fit in RAM memory segment”);
I only added a few lies to change the tx_power.

And built a relase version so it should take less memory right?

Any clues?

added these lines to main_uwb_main.c

16: include “deca_device_api.h”

18:int err;
19: uint32_t adjtxpower;
20: uint16_t appliedboost;

185: err = dwt_adjust_tx_power(0, 0xfefefefe, 9, &adjtxpower, &appliedboost);

try to declare return variables as pointer (*) but got compiler error say &adjtxpower was double pointer **

C++ is not me first language.

Those changes will only add around 10 bytes to the stack, that shouldn’t be enough to cause issues.

I suspect your problem is elsewhere. You must have you made any other changes to the code, if nothing else you must do something with the power values after you’ve read them.

I know.

I loaded new code. shaving trouble on both linux machines, so built on MacOs and now can burn firmware.