Getting started with UWB

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the UWB RTLS world and looking for a bit of guidance. Although I’ve developed a closed BLE network in the past, i understand the vast hardware options available make it far more challenging.

I’m essentially looking to develop a closed network (local and cloud) based platform that would allow me to track assets, geofence, calculate distance… within large areas (30,000sq/ft+ ). The need for security is of high importance while a strong wifi signal may not always be present (LAN/WiFi/LTE). Given this extremely brief overview, would you be able to recommend your hardware of choice along with any additional tips you have?

Your time and recommendations are much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Best option that may get you all the way fast is to use the DWM1001 module.
So buy a MDEK1001 kit - DWM1001 inside and all the software ready to use.

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for your response. Is the included software open source? ( Android, iOS, Web? …)

Thanks again,

Have a read here -
Some sources are available, some is just binary code.
Android app source is available, no iPhone support. WebApp also an option allowing visualization of the UWB network on web browser.