Getting started with DWS3000 shield and nrf5340

Hello, I’m working on a project where I’d ultimately be tracking a node using uwb radio. I was provided with an nrf5340 microcontroller and a dws3000 shield. I’m just starting this project and have read through a handful of documents on how to get this setup. I downloaded nrf connect and a software package (DW3xxx_XR6.0C_24Feb2022). Opening SES through nrf connect I can open the nrf package and build the project to load an example. I connect to the board with j-link but when I go to debug, I cannot flash the api and get a generic error and am told to check my jlink connection. Expanding the error, I see there is a communication issue, maybe something with uart, spi? The software package says its for nrf52840-DK but can I use it on the 5340? I can’t really find too much info on the shield paired with a 53xx board. I was able to use the nrf programmer to flash the output files and could verify the api in SES but how do I get an output?

Hi @ThoughtRanger7 ,

The example code supports nRF52840-DK and STM32f429 Nucleo.
So it’s normal that it will not work on nRF5340 (Gpios, peripherals are not exactly the same), you need to adapt the linker, port the code to make apporpriate initialization for that target, etc…

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