Getting Started with DWM1001 for Custom Applications

I’m diving into the world of DWM1001 and looking for guidance on how to program it for custom applications. Specifically, I have a few questions:

**Programming and Usage:

  • How can I program the DWM1001 for custom applications?
  • What platform should I use for development?
  1. Knowledge of nRF52:
  • Do I need to have prior knowledge of nRF52 for working with DWM1001?
  1. Best Starting Point:
  • What’s the best way to kickstart my journey with DWM1001 development?

I appreciate any insights, resources, or tips you can share! Excited to explore the possibilities with DWM1001. :rocket:

Thanks in advance! :raised_hands:

To start? I guess order a box of dev boards. Have an android device ready. (it’s convenient for checking the status of the devices).