Getting Position Data Direct from the DWM1003 (instead of the DWM1002)

I’d like to setup the UART on the 1003 to provide a local CPU with position information, I can get it from the 1002 through the USB serial port but in many applications (including mine) it’s the 1003 that needs to know where it is and the 1002 end doesn’t care. I’d like to avoid the latency of going through a shared WiFi channel to get the position from the 1002 back to the 1003.

My questions are:

  • Does the X,Y position data get sent back to the 1003 from the 1002?
  • If so, any pointers into where in the 1003 code that is parsed out (or could be parsed out) would be appreciated.

(I’m assuming the UART setup would be mostly generic Nordic enables and pin assignments.)

Thanks, Jeff