Getting my product certified in Europe with DWM1001C


In Europe, even if the module is certified and if DECAWAVE provides the certification report, we have to go through testing in a certification lab. These tests are only partial tests but we have to do them.
This certification lab certifies also that we are correctly using the module and they verify that DECAWAVE’s certification report is correct

I have sent “240-18 Decawave DWM1001 EN 302 065-2.pdf” to our certification lab. They have the following comment:

  • The tests were done in a house. This is not standard (not a cage farraday). You need to justify why such a place.
  • The generator for the interferer test is not listed in the material’s list.

Do you have any answers to these questions?
This is important because without answers, we won’t be able to certify our product in EU.

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By “Tests were done in a house” do they mean in a purpose built RF transparent test building which doesn’t contain any metal above ground level and has a solid metal floor? OATS (open air test sites) are perfectly valid for testing. In the EU it’s more normal to test in a chamber since you can put one anywhere. But in the USA where they have the space to put the test site away from a population centre OATS testing is far more common and the results are still valid in the EU.