Getting Data out of the DWM1001

This is both a statement and a question…

After playing with the dev board for a few weeks I conclude that there are at least 2 issues that needs to mature before I can decide to adopt this solution/vendor:

  1. MQTT is not working for me due to dwm-proxy - either broken or nobody can tell me how to configure it…and none documented.
  2. Serial connection is “flaky”, very “flaky” - getting to Shell mode is not reliable…and for some reason the creation of the connection is not consistent…

Since I could not get data from MQTT - I mean dynamically - not typing the mosquitto command-line messages, I decided to code my own app in C# that runs on Mono on Raspi. The app worked sort of, but I could not get the data - I suspect that the port is incorrect or again something in serial connection is not right. However, the same app runs on WIn10 without problem (but again requiring me to launch TeraTerm and issue ‘lep’, then closing TeraTerm…strange…

HOWEVER, this is just a temporary solution - getting the app work on Raspi is still a MUST - I cannot assume that PC or Laptop will be connected to Dev Board via USB/Serial cable (attached to Raspi).
Therefore when I make it work on Raspi the latter can send the data over WiFi to whatever WLAN server and then to the cloud…

Question 1: what is the last column means ‘Unknown’? I know now that one before last is QOS.
Here is the original line:

Question 2: How can I reliably enumerate installed/connected COM ports on Raspi? C/C++ code is ok, no Python please.

Hi Leon,

  1. Regarding the Raspberry/MQTT issue: I think your issue is probably in the soldering of the connector or somewhere in the connection between the DWM1001-DEV and the Raspberry. So don’t look for issues in MQTT/Daemon/Proxy yet if the SPI communication does not work between the DWM Kernel Module and the DWM1001-DEV.

  2. Serial - not sure which issue do you refer to. Can you share the details?

Answers to your questions:

  1. The x0B is the data slot number, in this case the Tag did the measurement in the data slot number 11. The range is 0-14. It is used only for internal debug purpose so don’t rely on that.

  2. What I think might cause the issue is if your Raspberry runs default PANS image, it will try to configure the module to Bridge mode. Due to the connector issue I mentioned above the DWM Kernel Module cannot configure the module and after a few attempts it will try to reset the module. If you want to take control over the DWM1001-DEV, then you need to stop DWM Proxy, DWM Daemon and then DWM Kernel:

sudo /etc/init.d/dwm1001 stop
sudo /etc/init.d/dwm1001-proxy stop
sudo rmmod dwm

Then you can do what is needed via the /dev/serial0.