Get the angle of the tag from the node

Hi everybody,
I´m testing the DWM1002 Node. Is it possible to get the angle of the tag beeing connected to the node? I´ve already tried out the software, but there you can only see the distance and the coordinates of the tag. I also tried out a connection with putty to the node.
It would be great if anybody could help me.
Thanks in advance

If your Node (DWM1002) is connected to a Terminal (via DWM1002 lower USB connector) you should see JSON string output similar to below. This assumes a Tag (DWM1003) is powered up and in the vicinity. Take a look at the DWM1002 PDoA Node Source Code Guide.pdf. See page 17 & 18 for an explanation of the JSON string.


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A ok great. Thak you verry much.


Ok i have another question to that. The P value from the received JSON string gives me the phrase difference but I Need the real angle from 0 to 180 Degree. Is there a calculation to do that? I´ve also read all the product documents but I wasn´t able to do that.
Can anybody help me?

Here you can find the formula to derive AoA from PDoA. They use the empirical one in (5) to calculate AoA. Hope that it might help you out.
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