Get tag position commands not working on anchor?


I’m currently playing with 5 DWM1001-Dev boards, in a setup where there are 4 anchors and 1 tag. My development machine is linux-based. I have setup the boards accordingly, using the Android app. When I list available serial interfaces on my development machine, I can only see the 4 anchors. Is this correct? Also, when I’m on an anchor’s shell, to issue commands, I don’t get back any results from lep, les and lec; it just returns to the shell > .

Do you have any idea of what might be the issue? Or am I mistaken somewhere?

Thanks for your help!
All the best,

Hi Lucas

you should see all serial interfaces, should not be the problem, if it is connected, check syslog output if you can see any issue when physically connecting the device (dmesg command).

les,lec,lep have nothing to output on anchor, the location and distances are measured on the tag that is ranging with anchors, so the behavior you see is correct.