Get tag distances through spi from 4 anchors

Hi all, (Newbie here).
I just started working with the MDEK kit. Nice package with easy guide to get started using my android phone, 4 anchors and 1 tag.

My project goal is to have 4 Anchors (DWM1001) mounted on driving trolley and 1 moving tag at moving object.
In this case i need to know the distance from each individual anchor to the moving tag. This so i can determine the distance and angle from trolley to moving object and keep following this object.

I just started communicating through spi with 1 DWM1001 module using a microcontroller and the API manual.
Is what i described possible? I did not found a API command except dwm_loc_get. But this is noted as get last distance to anchors…

Any suggestions how to do this?
Thanks in advance.